Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Create an Olympic Mascot!

In this week's cahier, students are asked to create an Olympic mascot that represents Canada and the winter Olympics. They also need to give their mascot a name (Ma mascotte s'appelle...) and write in french, the type of animal that it is (Ma mascotte est un(e):...). Please click here to use "Word Reference" as a translator: Word Reference- French

IF he/she is able to, please complete the bottom 2 sections on the sheet (Ma mascotte a - "My mascot has"-describing 2 physical features, and Ma mascotte porte - "My mascot is wearing"). Please use last week's sheet on the winter sport equipment to complete what the mascot is wearing.

Mme Goold

Here is a cute video of this year's Olympic mascot in Pyeong Chang:

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