Monday, 13 November 2017

This Week's News

Bonjour!  This week, we have begun to focus on Ontario's FORESTRY industry. Today, your child came home with 2 sheets in "le cahier" related to forestry.  Please practise reading these sheets as it will benefit work done at school.  Do not forget to initial the page after your child has practised. 

This week, we will be discovering various products made from wood using research on the iPads, as well as go on a hunt in the class to locate wood products.  Students will also have an opportunity to do research on one forestry community located in Ontario.  It's going to be an interesting topic!  

Here is a video that we watched in class today (video is in English):  

Madame Goold 

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  1. Could you provide me with the handout, my daughter has misplaced hers as she forgot her cahier at home on Monday