Friday, 9 June 2017

Le jour des pionniers 2017!!

What a wonderful day it was! The students all discovered the challenges faced by pioneers in the 1800's during our activities on Pioneer Day.  We made our own butter, sewed twill bags, wrote/painted with quills, and played old-fashioned games using marbles and bean bags.

I loved seeing all the enthusiasm and excitement shown by my student "pioneers": the outfits, the healthy lunches (in either brown paper bags or baskets) AND, some students even walked to school!

During one of the blocks, all grade 3 students gathered in the Learning Commons to show off their 3D models as the rest of the students in the school came to see all the hard work and fun. We even got to taste our homemade butter on fresh bread.  Mmmm good!

Thank you to all the parent volunteers and spectators who came throughout the day. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!  Merci....Madame Goold

(I will be adding more pictures to this blog in the near future!).

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