Monday, 13 February 2017

La famille

We have begun a unit on "La famille". Today we began to use the sentence starters "J'ai" (I have) and "Je n'ai pas" (I don't have) related to our brothers and sisters. We're also learning possessive adjectives in French (my= mon, ma, mes, your= ton, ta, tes, his/hers= son, sa, ses). Please refer to "Le Cahier" for oral practice at home. Your child will eventually be giving an oral presentation on his/her family, following a model. 
Also, please ensure to continue to INITIAL the page read in Le Cahier EVERY day that your child practices. Merci! Joyeux St-Valentin!!  
 Mme Goold 

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  1. Finally got everything set up! Going to go over french 1 hr ever day after supper. These blogs are absolutley wonderful.